Bono Be Thy Name

Bono: No solo albums?

For this inaugural High Octane Growler discussion, Tommy is joined by San Diego friends and colleagues, including Seville-bound writer Maya Kroth, sustainable foods marketer Owen Salerno, and broadcaster Garett Michaels.

With conversation revolving around a few bombers of Green Flash West Coast IPA, and a sixer of Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA, the panel covers the necessity of the existence of U2 in order to keep the world from being flooded with bad Bono solo albums, the merits of New Order, and learns IPA-averse Maya wants to pick the beers next time.

If you’ve ever worked in a record store, you’ll also be reminded of a few choice details of your employment.

And if you’ve ever worked at a record store, you’re probably also familiar with the RCA Nipper Dog. Still cute after all these years.

Beers Enjoyed:
West Coast Green Flash IPA
Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA

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Positively British: Peter Hook called Bernard Sumner “a twat” last year.

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  1. Brad

    From your crazy ass pro-U2/pro-gun/anti-two-party political activist,

    Listening to your first show right now – somehow I didn’t realize until recently that this was actually a show – and now I’m stoked! Garett is a smart man – No Line is genius. If they keep making fantastic albums like that – they’ll be around for a while – and we won’t be subject to bad Bono solo albums. And I love New Order – I think Garett and I would be great musisexual lovers – we seem to have the same take on stuff. I was reading your essay on guns, and yes, we definitely don’t see eye to eye on that one either, and I was thinking of writing a counter essay – however you know, after days of arguing with various folks over the issue it’s just not worth it. I think the fundamental differences both sides have are to great a chasm to even build a bridge of understanding at this point. Maybe when the clamor dies down it might be safe to throw a rope to the other side, but no one is listening to any sort of reality or logic in my opinion, and the emotions of the issue (including mine on occasion) are clouding the lines communication even more. Anyways, enjoyed the first show – will listen to the rest :) Have a great holiday good sir! Brad

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