Double Bastard Ale Preview

A sneak preview for the next installment of High Octane Growler, featuring Ken Wright from the Stone Brewing Co., and another appearance by our returning champion Garett Michaels.

The sneak preview itself? A little something from one of the dozens of movie references you’ll hear as Ken, Garett and host Tommy Hough imbibe a few specially-saved Stone Double Bastard Ale bombers from Ken’s cellar, and chew on two of the ultimate villains in cinema.

Who are the villains, you ask? You’ll just have to check back. But they are ultimate, and one of them is Turkish. Or Hungarian.

Neither are Bond villains, but if one were, we’d pick Scaramanga. Who wouldn’t we pick? Curt Jürgens’ far too long-in-the-tooth villain Stromberg from The Spy Who Loved Me. Cool Roger Moore Bond outing, but Curt just doesn’t cut it as an intimidating antagonist.

In the meantime, enjoy this choice bit from Glengarry Glenn Ross with headphones or with vetted company, and sweep the room for children and tender ears because this is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Profane language alert!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  And wipe your mouth. Have you ever seen yourself eat?

All-time movie villains? Sorry, Stromberg doesn’t cut it.

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