And the Bastard Shall Set You Free

“Ye shall know the Bastard and the Bastard shall set you free.”

A staple of the Stone Brewing Co.’s annual line-up of speciality craft beers, Stone Double Bastard Ale has seen several incarnations since it was first introduced in 2000, with radically different formulas and ingredients from one year to the next.

One thing which has remained constant, however, is Stone’s commitment to bold craft beer innovation, best summed up by Stone’s Arrogant Bastard sticker campaign slogan, “fizzy yellow beer is for wussies.” Indeed, and it is with annual releases of Double Bastard Ale the beer-versus-wussies rubber meets the road.

Ken Wright inspects hops, leads Stone tours, loves Redwoods.

Unbeknownst to us, Stone’s Minister of Indoctrination Ken Wright has been hoarding several bombers’ worth of Double Bastard Ale releases the last few years, and he generously opted to share the wealth for this edition of High Octane Growler, along with returning champion Garett Michaels and High Octane Growler producer and host Tommy Hough.

With a few Double Bastard Ales imbibed and without much prodding, the topic turns to movies (again), and in particular, classic movie bastards, and the ultimate showdown of Tommy’s all-time great movie villains. Darth Vader? Nah. Jason Voorhees? Get a clue! Gen. Jack Ripper? Close, getting warmer.

Get ready for some great movies-wth-beer conversation and advice as Ken, Garett and Tommy enjoy several years’ worth of Stone Double Bastard Ale.

You may not be worthy. But at least this beer is.

And the ultimate showdown between Keyser Söze and Brad Wesley, a High Octane Growler first. All this, plus a Black Sabbath interlude.

Beers Enjoyed:
Stone Double Bastard Ale (2007 and 2010)

Thanks to Ken Wright for offering these up out of his beer collection.

Movies Discussed:
Red Dawn (1984)
Roadhouse (1989)
The Usual Suspects (1995)
The Blues Brothers (1980)
Under Siege (1992)
The Dirty Dozen (1967)
Tombstone (1993)
Good Guys Wear Black (1978)
Glengarry Glenn Ross (1992)
True Romance (1993)
Reservoir Dogs (1992)
The Hollywood Knights (1980)
Anchorman (2004)

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Ken attempts to explain to Tommy the difference between hops and catnip.

Returning champion and broadcast professional Garett Michaels.

Brian Fantana of the Channel 4 News Team: still more aromatic than Stone Double Bastard Ale.

Have I shown you my hunting room? Brad Wesley defends his turf from a vengeful Swayze.

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