Bruce Revisited

Tommy and Ed from their well-dressed coffeehouse act. Well, one of them was acting, but he’d probably been drinking whiskey instead of coffee.

Holy smokes, from the archives, found the theme song from the ancient Tommy Hough and Ed Siegrist pre-You Tube Seattle TCI cable access show Bruce. Funny enough, we never used this, probably because we thought we’d be sued. For defamation, most likely. No reason as to why I address everyone as scumbags at the end of the theme. Uncalled for.

Seward Park, Seattle, 2003.

With big apologies to Los Lobos, Janeneane Garofalo, the late, great Bill Hicks and everyone else whose talent we plundered and stole from for this. “Welcome to you’re wrong night.”

Included below is a stand-alone clip from a later, but never-finished, edition of Bruce called Competitive Guy. If only we had decent sound recording gear this would’ve come out better, but I’m very pleased with how well this is cut together and edited.

Further apologies to Los Amigos Invisibles, Judas Priest, Jewel, and I think the NBA for not getting any permission to use any of this. At least the guitar was Tommy’s.

Listen for Ed on an upcoming edition of High Octane Growler.

Kudos to the Harrison Hegberg for an actual, uninsured motorcycle stunt. He also plays the arresting officer, and today manages Buckley’s taproom and pub in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Pay him a visit and tell him we said hi, he’s a great guy.

The incredibly pleasant (but kept lamentably silent by the script) and Canadian Heather Siddon appears as well. An acting friend of Tommy’s from their travel job, Heather was not only kind to work with, but also willfully suffered indignities like Ed jamming a towel in her face.

The amazing and multi-talented Charles Beale, the man behind an actual long-running Seattle cable access show called The Funny Boners appears as well, as a well-adjusted prison inmate. And yes, he actually says “fifteen live gibbons.” We’re sorry.

From what I can recall of this era, this was written under the influence of Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.’s Portage Bay Pilsner.

A new, full-on episode of High Octane Growler is on it’s way out of the hopper in a matter of hours.

But in the meantime, if you ask kindly, we may even share with you the old Helmet of Doom clip.

Jewel: completely ripped off by Ed and Tommy in “Competitive Guy.”

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