The Aggressive Freshness of Enjoy By IPA

Three editions of the Stone Enjoy By IPA series have been released, with more to come. The catch? Don’t wait to drink it.

It’s About the Hops

Some beer is not meant to be stared at or collected or left in the back of your refrigerator, waiting for a holiday or your favorite sports team to win something. Some beer is made to be enjoyed – immediately.

With that concept in mind, we give you the new, shelf life-defying approach to IPA freshness from the Stone Brewing Co.: the Enjoy By IPA series.

The original edition of Enjoy By IPA we enjoyed for this show.

Once again joining host Tommy Hough is the Stone Brewing Co.’s Ken Wright, returning champion Garett Michaels, and a special guest appearance from Jesse Quisenberry.

Dropped in at the mash, boil, late-boil and whirlpool stages during the brewing process by the amazing Mitch Steele and his team of brewers at Stone, the volume of hops in the individually-crafted Enjoy IPAs is astonishing.

Plus, the gang at Stone has come up with a unique mode of distribution, utilizing their website and social media to determine where in the U.S. individual batches go.

And while this edition of High Octane Growler focuses on the original Enjoy By 9/21/12 “vintage,” subsequent editions include the Enjoy By 11/9/12,  Enjoy By 12/21/12 and the just-bottled Enjoy By 2/15/13. If you get your hands on any of these, don’t wait around. Drink them immediately, and report back to High Octane Growler on your thoughts (please, no drunk feats of strength bragging).

Is the Enjoy By concept one which will catch on to other beers, or become the craft beer norm? We don’t know. But brewer Mitch Steele (also a killer guitarist) and Stone co-founder Greg Koch explain more about this 9.4 percent ABV creation in these video clips at the Stone Enjoy By IPA page.

Stone Brewing Co.’s Mitch Steele, Ken Wright and Chef Alex Carballo.

Beers Enjoyed

Stone Brewing Company Enjoy By IPA
(9/21/12 edition)
ABV 9.4%


High Octane Growler demands either a scorcher at the beginning, or a country number. For this edition, we went with a scorcher from the Palm Desert scene and the little-heard Masters of Reality, featuring mainstay Chris Goss and the great Ginger Baker on drums, and their minor 1992 hit “She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On).”

Special guest appearance by part-time trumpet player and freelance pope Jesse Quisenberry.

And since we were chewing on Imperial County desert locales, it made sense to continue chewing on the Palm Desert scene to the north by plucking the mighty Queens of the Stone Age and “God Is In the Radio” from 2002, with the almighty Mark Lanegan on vocals and the plain mighty Dave Grohl guesting on drums.

Finally, because Tom Waits was a requisite and expected component of Ken’s appearances on the old FM 94/9 version of the show, we close with “Jockey Full of Bourbon” from Rain Dogs, worthy of feats of strength and a mighty airing of grievances.


Super Galena
Nelson Sauvignon

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Big thanks to Ken Wright for the ongoing support for the show, in California and in Oregon.

Additional thanks to Nickie Peña at Stone for the 11th hour bomber of Stone 16th Anniversary IPA.

Garett Michaels and host Tommy Hough, as if you didn’t already know these two lunkheads.

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