Beer Terms: Ale

Beer Terms from High Octane Growler

We start with the letter A because we’re obsessive. And we love language as much as we love beer.

Ale: Ales are beers fermented with top fermenting yeast, and are typically fermented at warmer temperatures than lagers. Fuitiness and esters (i.e. flavor compounds naturally created during fermentation) are often part of an ale’s character, though the term “ale” itself is sometimes incorrectly associated with alcoholic strength.

And when it comes to alcoholic strength, we simply prefer the non-scientific term of “high octane,” or rather, “this smells like rubbing alcohol.”

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  1. I love top fermenting yeast at warm temperatures and the resulting fruitiness and esters that often pack high octane…

    Til we meet again Tommy …Good on ya, Good on ya!!!

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