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Beer Terms: Black Malt


Beer Terms from High Octane Growler Black Malt: Like comets blessing a young planet with nutrients and organic chemicals and the building blocks of life, Black Malt is to beer as to what the sun […]

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The Others


Reasonable Midwesterners Time to scratch your head and try to remember how your old college fight song goes, as Tommy welcomes two of Portland’s finest relocated midwesterners for this edition of High Octane Growler, financial […]

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Beer Terms: Bitterness


Beer Terms from High Octane Growler Bitterness: Well shucks, bitterness is what we live for! The perception of bitterness in beer comes from iso-alpha acids in the solution, which are derived from hops. Bitterness is […]

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Epic Beer Festival San Diego


Tommy took the week off and left things in the hands of the socially responsible High Octane Growler Street Team, who attended the Epic Beer Festival in San Diego on Saturday, March 16th. We’re happy […]

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Meadows and Daisies


In the Dirt With Daisy A vintage selection this week on High Octane Growler, with special guest star and morning Broadcast Brother Mike Hansen with host Tommy Hough in one of the original Stone Beer […]

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Beer Terms: Beta Acids


Beer Terms from High Octane Growler For this week’s edition of your Friday Beer Term (we know you’re relying upon us for weekend conversation starters), we give you Beta Acids. Beta Acids are one of […]

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Aggressively Fresh Enjoy By IPAs


From the Hopper With the current April Fool’s edition of the Stone Brewing Co.’s 4/1/13 Enjoy By IPA already on shelves, and the 4/20/13 (!) edition on the way, it seemed to be a good time to […]

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