Beer Terms: Beta Acids

Beer Terms from High Octane Growler

For this week’s edition of your Friday Beer Term (we know you’re relying upon us for weekend conversation starters), we give you Beta Acids.

Beta Acids are one of the two primary naturally-occurring soft resins in hops. The other primary naturally-occurring soft resins are Alpha Acids, which we covered a couple of weeks ago when we were still on the letter A.

Beta Acids contribute little to the bitterness of beer, but account for some of the beverage’s preservative qualities. So if you turn into a Beer Zombie this may have something to do with it. Don’t blame us. You were warned. So skip the twinkies.

And before you go all Monsanto on beer, keep in mind there has to be a little something in there to keep the brettanomyces and other goodies alive for the yeast to do it’s thing and the beer to get to your location. Isn’t science great?

Have a good weekend.

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