Epic Beer Festival San Diego

Tommy took the week off and left things in the hands of the socially responsible High Octane Growler Street Team, who attended the Epic Beer Festival in San Diego on Saturday, March 16th.

We’re happy to report they did not menace anyone with pool cues, break bottles, or otherwise get arrested and call us in the middle of the night asking to be bailed out of jail. But there’s always room for improvement.

Michelle from Bend’s Deschutes Brewing Co.

With over 80 craft breweries jammed into the San Diego Convention Center and over 200 beers to sample, the Street Team did a great job with the loaned video camera and, thankfully, stayed upright over the course of several hours of sampling (good news: we’re getting our camera deposit back).

In between distributing High Octane Growler postcards to patrons, the team enjoyed close encounters with Dogfish HeadOskar Blues Brewery, Wandering Aegnus Ciderworks, Beer Valley Brewing Co., and Otay Mesa’s Mad Lab Craft Brewing, as well as the almighty Lagunitas in Sonoma County, Left Coast Brewery, High Octane Growler favorites The Bruery and Firestone Walker, Deschutes Brewing Co.Port Brewing Co., and of course Tomme Arthur and The Lost Abbey, which the Street Team chalked up as a favorite.

Said Street Team member Rhiannon (of legal drinking age, we swear), “We didn’t think just sampling beers would really get us that saucy, especially once we saw the tasting cups. But we were wrong.” Fortunately a doctor was present at all times.

We were informed Frank the Tank did not make any appearances, though Whitesnake was played over the P.A. system at one point.

Indeed, today’s classic craft beers pack a punch. So much so the Street Team found themselves in accessory mode at the Epic Beer Festival, even getting a bit of an eyeful of a contraption called the Beer Buckle, which may be a lawsuit waiting to happen. If you think you know what it is, you may need one. But please remove your beer first before using the restroom. Or making any sudden movements.

“Could someone grab my beer, please?”

Big thanks again to Rhiannon, Allison, and Dr. Elliott from the High Octane Growler Street Team.

We’ll be back shortly with Scott and Fred of “The Others.”

It's after 2:00 pm.

It’s after 2:00 pm. Do you know where your promotions street team is?

We tried calling Frank, but he wouldn’t answer the phone. We suspect he may have been at Bed Bath and Beyond or the Olive Garden (which was lovely).

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