Meadows and Daisies

At the time this show was recorded in 2009, Orange County-based The Bruery was coming up on their first anniversary.

In the Dirt With Daisy

A vintage selection this week on High Octane Growler, with special guest star and morning Broadcast Brother Mike Hansen with host Tommy Hough in one of the original Stone Beer Guys segments from their FM 94/9 morning show.

Tommy was on the air with Hansen on mornings on FM 94/9 from 2007 to 2010.

Originally broadcast May 15, 2009, this edition of the Stone Beer Guys features former Stone “Distribution King” Philip Smith, and long-time Stone brewer Jeremy Moynier.

One of the great things about having Stone on board for the segment was not only Stone’s status as one of the leading craft brewers in the nation, but as a major distributor of craft beers throughout Southern California, having Stone on the team enabled Hansen and Tommy to sample a number of other beers the Stone guys distributed.

This was also a semi-historic beer day for Hansen and Tommy, as Phil and Jeremy brought with them the strongest beer the two had tried on the show up to that time (until they got their hands on a bottle of Brewdog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin later that year), in the form of a Belgian Strong Ale from Orange County-based brewery The Bruery called Papier.

At 14.8 percent, this beer does not fool around.

Then, in a complete palette flip-flop, Hansen and Tommy both tried for the first time a beer which remains one of their favorites to this day: the classic hoppy bonanza of Stone Ruination Double IPA.

In the words of Jeremy, “it’s supposed to ruin you palette.” Mission accomplished, and deliciously well done. With over two and a half pounds of hops per barrel, Ruination remains the baseline by which Tommy measures all Double IPAs.

Here’s to Hops

On this particular morning, Hansen was also en fuego with the comments:

“Well if that isn’t just a kick in the store.”

“That’s like pulling up a daisy” or “waking up face down in a meadow.”

“I call hops daisies” leads into the grab-it-now band name of “In the dirt with Daisy.”

Thanks to Phil, Jeremy and Hansen for one of the great Stone Beer Guys segment, and the introduction to two dynamite beers.

Beers Enjoyed

The Bruery Papier
Placentia, California
Belgian Old Ale
ABV: 14.8 percent

Stone Ruination
Escondido, California
American Double IPA
ABV: 7.8 percent

Stone’s incredible Double IPA Ruination is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary throughout 2013. That’s a decade’s worth of ruined palettes.

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