The Others

Would you drink with these men? High Octane Growler has, and the results may shock you. And we don’t just mean the flashy mugs.

Reasonable Midwesterners

Time to scratch your head and try to remember how your old college fight song goes, as Tommy welcomes two of Portland’s finest relocated midwesterners for this edition of High Octane Growler, financial officer Scott Slonaker and media consultant Fred Tank, now forever known as The Others, and no doubt lurking near a coffee shop or gluten-free sustainable grocery store near you.

The collegiate blue book. Kids today have no idea.

Together this dangerous trio with common midwestern backgrounds step out of the box to do a bit of wordsmithing and sharpen a few pencils, and that’s before the beer even pours. And it’s not Hudepohl Gold (though we’d be happy to have the Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. on board as a sponsor).

Hippie Essays

In what is a essentially a reasonable midwestern collegiate discussion, Tommy and The Others discuss synergy and sidebars, scholastic failings, collegiate decisions, adult attention deficit disorder, and a terribly awkward moment when a statistics instructor loses his prosthetic limb.

Then there’s that one course you took where you couldn’t understand a word the instructor said, only to be saved by a cute pregnant algebra instructor from Alabama. Tommy fills in the details on how he managed to avoid a major math requirement, as well as his notice of psychosis from The College Board.

The gang also discusses the bygone era of the hand-written essay exam and blue books, while Scott lashes out at essays in favor of the cold precision and calculation of a good multiple choice Scantron, and praises the “wonderful salad that is America.”

Dr. Caligari’s Revenge

Tommy likes to point. And yell.

In a show with no shortage of quotables, we promise Tommy will detail his most embarrassing moment in his next appearance with The Others, which occurred in a sophomore film appreciation class during a screening of Robert Weine’s 1920 silent German expressionist classic, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Coming in an upcoming edition of High Octane Growler.

Beers Enjoyed

Bear Republic Racer Five IPA
American IPA
ABV 7.0%

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Big thanks to Ken Wright and Steve Wagner for their ongoing support.

Ohio University’s Cutler Hall, the centerpiece of the campus where Tommy and Scott spent their formative years, and managed to outrun the police.

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