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Have you seen these men? The Others do their best impression of a hoodie-donned boy band duo in the Alpha lobby. The police have been notified.

The latest installment of High Octane Growler features Scott Slonaker and Frederick von Tank of The Others, who return to the studio with host Tommy Hough to sample the Ninkasi seasonal Spring Reign American Blonde Ale, amidst a sea of Stone Ruination IPA.

Game of Thrones: Scott’s wife still hasn’t throttled him over his constant critiquing.

Discussion is ridiculously heavy on TV geekery, VCR admissions, and the occasional Star Trek soundbite. And okay, enough already, we chew on Game of Thrones even though Tommy hasn’t actually watched it.

Essentially, this week’s theme is TV, and how TV has not only changed in the era of the DVR and Netflix, but also how TV is just so much better, from Mad Men to Boardwalk Empire to shows about guys making crystal methamphetamine.

A few deviations into movies. Fans of Idiocracy will be thrilled, which brings us to the word of the day: “percuss.”

Earnest apologies to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, whom we have a great deal of respect for.

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge: the names and voice-overs were phony, the injuries real.

Beers Enjoyed

Ninkasi Spring Reign Ale
American Blonde Ale
ABV 6.0%
Stone Ruination IPA
American Double / Imperial IPA
ABV 7.7%


After an opening blast of R.L. Burnside and “It’s Bad You Know” from the 1998 R.L. album Come On In, the midway point of the show is marked by The Pursuit of Happiness and the classic “I’m An Adult Now,” from the great Todd Rundgren-produced Love Junk album from 1988. Packed front to back with great songs, Love Junk still sounds like it was recorded yesterday.

And since the topic of conversation is all about television and High Octane Growler’s sweet tooth for pop culture (despite our standing commitment to current affairs and the environment and beer), what else could we close the show with but the incredible Michael Franti, and his duo Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy with DJ Rono Tse? Like “I’m An Adult Now,” the song “Television the Drug of A Nation” still sounds as though it might’ve been recorded yesterday, from the band’s only album, Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury, released 1992. The song had previously been recorded by Michael Franti’s first band, The Beatnigs.

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Huge thanks to Jesse Quisenberry for the late-night Wrath of Khan emergency save.

Big thanks to Ken Wright and Steve Wagner for their ongoing support.

The Taylor Swift mug and pink polka dot mug. Has your prom date seen you with these on-line too?

Tommy is no longer hiding from Kim Jung-un and North Korean agents, he just likes to hide.

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  1. The Godfather series is the perfect Binge Viewing… Be Italian for the day!!!

    Start with Frittata’s in the morning to get started.

    Then get out to the garden (or local farmers market) and get as much fresh, organic ingredients for your menus as you can. A must …Have plenty of favorite red wine and craft brews at hand, like Godfather would.

    Remember, there is over 9 hours of uninterrupted mafiaso in front of you and I recommend doing ALL “food prep” necessary (with entire group also Binge Viewing if any) before starting to watch.

    Multitask. Drink. Get it done.

    To start I like having antipasti or maybe a Muffaletta and a plate with extra virgin olive oil with drops of balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic, freshly cracked black pepper and baguette at the ready while watching the original of this epic series.

    By 12:30pm, have your tomato sauce on low heat and start watching The Godfather …aromas of the sauce will immerse you further.

    Next is the sequel. This sequel is when sequels were part of the original story that couldn’t be contained in the first.

    Also, you only have by 4:15pm to assemble/plate your rendition of Lasagna or another Italian classic before starting The Godfather II.

    Finally, it is the sequel that defines sequels of our times. The sequel that answers our question when leaving the movie theater after the first …What happens next? You gotta start watching by 8:15pm, so plate your cannoli or other tasty treats before starting The Godfather III.

    What about which craft brews to accompany each?

    Hmmm …I have my thoughts but rather than “mentally” coming up with recommendations …Any interest in setting up this Godfather Binge Viewing.

    Whoa! It just came to me …How about something like this could be set up, make it an event, maybe I can collaborate with Chef Alex and do it at Stone in the fall?

    Ahhh …Stream of consciousness …Has some possibilities …Good day, Good day!!!

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