Current Events Roundtable

Kim Jong-Un and his generals plan a first strike on High Octane Growler.

Current Events Roundtable

This edition of High Octane Growler has host Tommy Hough welcoming back “The Others” of Scott Slonaker and Fred Tank for a current events roundtable, accompanied by a more-than-adequate supply of Lost Abbey Devotion Blonde Ale bombers. We’re happy to report this time around the High Octane Growler production team did not run out of beer.

Tommy has escaped to Mexico to avoid North Korean agents. But don’t tell anyone.

Tommy pontificates on President Obama’s recent end-run around the GOP congressional leadership, chews on the avoidable man-made disasters of the fiscal cliff and sequester, and asks what’s the matter with being anti-colonialist?

Bringing on board The Others, the gang tackles the Fox News Bubble and Obama Derangement Syndrome, Republican politicians terrified of being “primaried” by Tea Partiers, Rand Paul’s filibuster, solar panels and renewable energy, and Kim Jong Un’s dry drunk hangover.

Solaris Sweaters

This edition of High Octane Growler also features a montage of President Jimmy Carter, the last president to actually level with the American people, talking about energy independence.

Unfortunately, the American people didn’t want to be told to wear a sweater and take the bus, and two years later, Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels from the roof of the White House which Jimmy Carter had installed. Not exactly one of America’s more progressive moments.

Evading Kim

We hope you enjoy this current events edition of High Octane Growler, because one person who did not was Kim Jong-Un.

Drones: Tommy is not cool with them.

High Octane Growler has learned through intermediary Dennis Rodman the North Korean dictator has specifically targeted Tommy, so at this point Tommy is hidden away in an undisclosed beer cask with a supply of soft pretzels and mustard and more Lost Abbey Devotion.

Okay, we give, Tommy is in Mexico. The Others remain unharmed, and continue to lurk near coffee shops and gluten-free sustainable grocery stores in search of collegiate blue books.

Beers Enjoyed

Lost Abbey Devotion Ale
Belgian Pale Ale
ABV: 6.25%

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Big thanks to Ken Wright and Steve Wagner for their ongoing support.

Remember these midwestern guys? The faces haven’t changed, and well, neither have those flashy beer steins.

Maybe Kim likes High Octane Growler a little. Though he wonders what happened to Garett and Ken.


When Tommy points, Kim Jong-Un’s handlers tell him Tommy is pointing at him.

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