The Everest Residency

Tommy with Everest in the FM 94/9 studio, San Diego, March 2011.

For this edition of High Octane Growler, we’re going back a few years to Tommy’s days at FM 94/9, when he was holding down the afternoon drive timeslot in March 2011. At the time, Everest was touring in support of their album On Approach, and was in the midst of a four-week residency tour around California.

Everest-On-ApproachThe plan ingenuously had Everest playing venues in San Diego, L.A. and San Francisco over the course of four weeks on the same particular days in the same town at the sane venue (note to bands, great way to build a following).

During this Golden State residency tour, Everest was playing San Diego on Tuesday evenings at The Casbah, though Tommy Hough and the FM 94/9 team, including Garett Michaels and special guest Jeremy Pritchard, had previously interviewed and broadcast the band during their appearance at the Belly Up in Solana Beach a few weeks earlier.

Acadian Is the Word

Tommy and the guys in Everest: Russell Pollard, Joel Graves, Jason Soda, Eli Thompson and Davey Latter, had also developed a mutual appreciation society for their fondness for craft beers, and during Everest’s final Tuesday night appearance on FM 94/9 before heading to the Casbah, a bit of a craft beer bazaar got underway with the band contributing several bombers and bottles to the session.

Jeremy also contributed selections from his own Arclight Brewery, including a one-time only run he made for his wedding!

The result was another fun, laid-back on-air session, featuring Everest performing the songs “Tall Buildings” and “Let Go,” and a great wrap-up to an all-too brief on-air collaboration between the right radio station and the right band at the right time.

Someone Once Said, “It’s About the Music.”

Everest has since released a great new album called Ownerless (featuring some promotional photos taken near the former High Octane Growler world headquarters at San Diego’s Balboa Park), and continue to play around the country.

everest-ownerlessThis is one band High Octane Growler and Tommy Hough insist you see LIVE as many times as you can: their connection and rapport with the audience is real, and the spirit and passion they bring to their songs and performances is as life-affirming as anything in rock and roll.

Peerless musicianship and a real rock and roll spirit make for greatness. See Everest when they come to your town, and consider their albums a starting point for songs and music which continue to evolve and grow.

We’re happy we got to get to know the band and spend time with them when we did, and we know wherever Everest is, there’s a kinship not only in music and vibe, but beer too. ┬íSalut!

It ain’t noise pollution.

David Letterman gives grinning approval to Everest’s Ownerless album.

Beer(s) Enjoyed

(many, including)
Arclight Brewery Wedding Brew
ABV: 4.8%

Big thanks again to Everest. Check out Ownerless on ATO Records.

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Big thanks to Ken Wright and Steve Wagner for their ongoing support.

A special thanks to High Octane Growler pal and fellow broadcast brother Jeremy Pritchard for expertly handling Johnny-on-the-spot sound, and the Arclight Beer. And for helping Tommy and Gary figure out the lighting kit that time.

The kind of awkward shot of the radio DJ with cool band: Tommy with Team Everest, March 2011.

A little less awkward. Or is it? Tommy, Garett and Jeremy with Everest.

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