Beer Term: Bomber


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We’ve been asked on more than one occasion what exactly a bomber is in relation to beer. The answer is simple, but since we were English majors we’re going to needlessly complicate it by adding a metaphor.

Bomber: When it comes to aircraft, bombers come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to beer, a bomber is strictly regulated: one perfectly formed 22-ounce bottle of beer. It’s a large bottle of beer, usually good for two respectable pints’ worth of your favorite craft beer.

Wow, someone call Austin Powers. Sexy photo alert. This is definitely Tommy at his most charming. The beer term for this week should be “bombed” instead of bomber!

Hopefully you had a chance to catch our encore presentation of our show with Base Camp Brewing earlier this week, and get ready for new content arriving on Tuesday. No matter the vessel you choose to enjoy your beer from, please drink wisely, and please recycle.

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Have a fun and safe weekend. And no matter what, don’t beer goggle.

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