Beer Term: Brew Kettle


Beer Terms from High Octane Growler

You’ve been good, you’ve been patient, and what do you know, the weekend has finally arrived. It’s time for your weekly Craft Beer Term from High Octane Growler.

Brew Kettle: A large metal pot, or vessel, typically made out of stainless steel and used to boil wort, i.e. the liquid extracted from the mashing process. Brew kettles are also called “a copper.” Simple boil kettles are direct-fired with a burner underneath, though most breweries use a steam-fired kettle.

Send some positive vibes, thoughts, or a mazeltov or two to our friends in Southern California coping with some unseasonably weird Santa Ana winds and wildfires, especially in Ventura and northern Los Angeles counties, some of our favorite places in the Golden State. This time of year is better known for Southern California’s impenetrable May Gray and June Gloom overcast, not nearby oak trees bursting into flames (that’s October).

Warm weather along the coast is certainly ripe weather for a cold IPA, but this is ridiculous. Two weeks ago we suggested a round of drinks for Boston law enforcement. Today we suggest beers for Southern California firefighters, once again demonstrating their mettle in a pinch.

Have a good weekend, be safe, and drink wisely.

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