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Beer Terms from High Octane Growler

Oops, okay, looks like we slept in a little late again this week, but do you know what time we were up this morning?

Big thanks to Dave Scott from the 101.9 KINK-FM morning show for giving a plug to High Octane Growler this morning while High Octane Growler host Tommy Hough was sitting in for Sheila Hamilton (no doubt on her third screening of The Great Gatsby right about now).

Ale: Ales are beers fermented with top fermenting yeast, and are typically fermented at warmer temperatures than lagers. Fuitiness and esters (i.e. flavor compounds naturally created during fermentation) are often part of an ale’s character, though the term “ale” itself is sometimes incorrectly associated with alcoholic strength.

And when it comes to the alcoholic strength of ales, or alcohol generally, we simply prefer the non-scientific term of “high octane,” or rather, “this smells like rubbing alcohol.”

On that note, are you hip to the Alabama Shakes yet? We just love this song. Thanks for rattling our cage Hilary Chambers:

Have a good weekend, drink wisely and be safe.

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