She Wore Red Velvet

So you’re saying beer doesn’t go with cake? We beg to differ.

So you’re saying beer doesn’t go with cake? We beg to differ.

Once again joining host Tommy Hough for this week’s edition of High Octane Growler are The Others of Portland: Scott Slonaker and the very Prussian Frederick von Tank.

In this episode we talk weddings and cake, and we learn what Scott and his lovely wife had atop their wedding cake.

We also learn about Fred’s celebrity encounter at a Holiday Inn in Dean Martin’s hometown, and Fred very kindly shares the heroic story of what became of his first wedding cake. For those of you who are wedding planners or generally appreciate the machinations which go into making a wedding happen, you’ll want to cover your ears.

Tommy also indulges in probably too much of an interest in treats, cakes and desserts, but after a few beers his sweet tooth has been known to take up the rest of his mouth.

Also covered in this week’s edition of High Octane Growler is projectile vomiting, though thankfully none occurred at the High Octane Growler world headquarters studio.

Former Ohio Congressman James Traficant: Not impressed with High Octane Growler.

Former Ohio Congressman James Traficant: Not impressed with High Octane Growler.

Fracking-induced earthquakes are also discussed, along with Reggie Jackson’s most famous moment, Ian Ziering of Beverly Hills 90120 (see projectile vomiting), and Tommy’s utter ignorance of anything having to do with H.P. Lovecraft or the evil character Cthulhu.

Also, to clarify for the expected responses from the High Octane Growler “No, Actually” contingent, Tommy and Scott did not go to college in Youngstown, and Youngstown is not located in southeast Ohio. Youngstown is located in northeast Ohio in Mahoning County. Tommy and Scott went to college at Ohio University in Athens in Athens County, located in southeast Ohio.

Market of Choice, we’re waiting on your sponsorship. And we’d really love some of that poppy seed cake with the butter cream vanilla frosting and between-the-layers raspberry spread.

Beers Enjoyed

Stone Ruination IPA
American Double / Imperial IPA
ABV 7.7%
Ninkasi Spring Reign Ale
American Blonde Ale
ABV 6.0%


A perfect potboiler to open the show is the long-standing High Octane Growler favorite “Hate to Say I Told You So,” by The Hives, from their 2000 Veni Vidi Vicious release.

Any Scandinavian band doing as impressive immersion of The Stooges, complete with a phony (or not?) Andrew Loog Oldham-like svengali, a singer who is made to look like Malcolm McDowell on one of the band’s album jackets, and matching black and white suits and patent leather shoes has to be your new favorite band, even if it was a dozen years ago. But who’s counting?

On the closing end is the get-up-and-dance classic from Rare Earth, “I Just Want to Celebrate,” from their 1971 One Earth album. Covered by Metallica and sampled by N.W.A., you are required to get up and dance and celebrate to this classic. Cake is optional, beer is mandatory.

Header photo courtesy of Ninkasi Brewing Co.

James Traficant and Red Velvet Cake photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photo © 2010 Scott Slonaker

Scott as Ian Ziering atop his and his wife’s wedding cupcake riser.

Cthulu has arrived to conquer High Octane Growler and spread evil.


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