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Love, Marriage and Beer


High Octane Growler host Tommy Hough welcomes back Scott Slonaker and Frederick von Tank of The Others, as the Growler delves into issues of love, marriage, and kids. But fear not, we haven’t completely jettisoned our irresponsible side.

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Beer Term: Cabbagelike


If it’s in your beer, someone did it wrong. Cabbagelike equals fail. And sure, a botched cabbagelike vat of beer may sound gross, but when you’re really thirsty you’d be surprised at what you can put away.

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The More You Know (The Spider Show)


Savage and Tipsy No, it’s not a new TV cop show – although we’ll keep the name. We could’ve called this edition of High Octane Growler The Spider Show, but we didn’t want to scare away the […]

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The Pen Is Mightier


We brought “out of retirement” our friend and former Stone Brewing Distribution King Philip Smith for this edition of High Octane Growler, along with host Tommy Hough, “returning champion” Garett Michaels, and Growler newbie Curt Kruse.

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