Beer Term: Cabbagelike


Beer Terms from High Octane Growler

Cabbagelike:  No, it’s not quite what Tommy’s breath smells like after a night of imbibing (we tend to think that aroma is more like cheese). Cabbagelike is the name for the creepy, cooked vegetable aroma and taste in beer which is often the result of wort spoilage bacteria killed by alcohol in fermentation.

In other words, if it’s in your beer, someone did it wrong. Cabbagelike equals fail. And sure, a botched cabbagelike vat of beer may sound gross, but when you’re really thirsty you’d be surprised at what you can put away.

No, we said cabbagelike, not Cabbage Head.

On the plus side, it’s the first day of summer and that one weekend where you can count on some serious weirdness in your neighborhood: Solstice Weekend. Cue the drum circles.

So along with recommending a hike in Solstice Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in L.A., or the annual Solstice Parade and Nude Bicycle Ride down Fremont Ave. in Seattle, here’s a pair of great pieces we found in the Los Angeles Times and Christian Science Monitor detailing everything you ever wanted to know about how the Luddites and Druids celebrated the longest day of the year.

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