Love, Marriage and Beer

That’s right, this week we delve into issues of love, marriage, and kids on High Octane Growler. But fear not, we haven’t completely jettisoned High Octane Growler’s irresponsible side. That is, if Sierra Nevada Hoptimum is considered to be hedonistic or excessive.

Hoptimum is a dynamite Imperial IPA, one which we even spied on tap at the brand new growler-filling station at the Belmont Ave. Zupan’s in Portland.

The effects of the greater than 10 percent ABV are certainly evident by the end of the program, by which time host Tommy Hough and Fred von Tank become something of a chatty peanut gallery to Scott Slonaker‘s otherwise sweet reminiscences of how he and his now-expecting wife met.

Meanwhile, Fred von Tank talks about life with two children: his daughter and son. The gang also discuss the weird phenomena of calling parents by their first names, the less-weird phenomena of calling in-laws by their first names, or utilizing a more formal title for in-laws which you might’ve used as an eager-to-please prom date.

How kids address and relate to different members of their families is also chewed on in an episode which gets downright domestic at times. With Tommy’s description of his evolution from Tom to Tommy and Scott’s teenaged Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash-laden “so what” defiance, we’re even starting to pick out our kitchen counter colors at High Octane Growler.

The gang do attempt to unearth some sleaze, but it only seems to go as far as the gourmet foods aisle at the Hyde Park Kroger’s. Coupled with Tommy’s reference to his brief employment at WEBN, Cincinnati High Octane Growler fans are in for a real treat with this episode.

And yes, we loved Moonrise Kingdom.

Beer Enjoyed

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Whole Cone Imperial IPA
American Double / Imperial IPA
10.40% ABV
IBU 100

Music Enjoyed

We kick off the show with one of the original psychedelic “nuggets” first collected on the 1972 Elektra compilation of the same name. The song, of course, is by The Nazz, a band fronted by a young Philadelphia kid named Todd Rundgren, who by 1968 already knew his way around a recording studio well enough to come up with this burst of incredible 60s pop nirvana called “Open My Eyes.”

For the mid-section, or in this case, two-thirds section, we give way to the nervous skanking energy of the leadoff cut from the 1980 debut album by The English Beat, I Just Can’t Stand It, and the song “Mirror In the Bathroom.” The song jitters, locomotes, and digs a groove with skank saxophone and sinewy guitar that makes your skinny tie jump. And of course, The English Beat were originally just The Beat in Britain, but some American lawyer panicked when they discovered there was some other act calling themselves The Beat in the U.S., and forced the band to add the English qualifier to their name.

And despite the references to Mojo Nixon, The Dead Milkmen (“your store could use some fixin'”) and The Smiths, we close with the almighty R.E.M., and a great track from their third album Fables of the Reconstruction from 1985. The song is “Kohoutek,” about the much-hyped “comet of the century” which paid the Earth a visit during the winter of 1973 to 1974. While Kohoutek failed to brighten to levels expected and was dismissed as something of a hype, it was still visible with the naked eye.

Thanks to broadcast brother Mike Hansen for the killer High Octane Growler imaging.

Big thanks to Ken Wright and Steve Wagner for their ongoing support.

Thanks to Phil Smith for helping get the beer-to-radio ball rolling.

The adorable, and clever, photo announcing the impending arrival of Scott and Lara’s new addition.

At High Octane Growler we have absolutely no idea where this guy is. But our lawyer in Hong Kong will be happy to take your call.

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