About High Octane Growler

What is High Octane Growler?

We know what you’re thinking.

“Oh no, not Tommy Hough again. Isn’t he busy saving the planet these days?”

Yes, but it’s not like he quit drinking beer.

“And doesn’t this guy have his hands full with KPRI and Brunch With Bob and Friends and San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action? What’s he up to now?”

High Octane Growler is an extension of the original Stone Guys Beer Segment, which Tommy and his on-air colleagues developed with the Stone Brewing Co. during the Hansen and Tommy morning show at KBZT FM 94/9.

The segment became the talk of San Diego’s craft beer and broadcasting community, and was one of the first broadcast “marriages” of craft beer and finely-crafted conversational radio. The segment was later re-introduced as the Rock and Roll Happy Hour when Tommy moved to afternoons on FM 94/9 in 2010.

Featuring fun, candid takes on music, culture, current events and the environment, High Octane Growler is “lubricated by the emollient of America’s growing craft beer community.”

If you know Tommy from FM 94/9 or 102.1 KPRI in San Diego, or 101.9 KINK in Portland, you’re familiar with his bomber-rattling laugh, fondness for IPAs, tendency to wax cerebral – and clumsiness after several servings of said IPAs.

You also catch first-rate conversation with an assortment of guests, personalities and characters, with ample helpings of music.

Beer fans and aficionados will get hip to craft beer favorites and where to find featured brands – all from one of the pioneers of matching broadcasting and beer.

From reasonably intelligent, topical and pop culture discussion to obsessions over brettanomyces and hops, High Octane Growler is everything you ever wished for and never heard on the radio – all in one hoppy package.

About Tommy Hough

An outdsoorsman and environmentalist, Tommy Hough is long-time San Diego broadcaster, best-known for his 10 years on the air at FM 94/9 and current on-air work at 102.1 KPRI.

The president of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, Tommy is also a news editor and occasional reporter with Public News Service, and has recently come aboard as a community ambassador with the San Diego-based Climate Action Campaign.

In additional to broadcasting, Tommy works as an environmental professional, having served as communications coordinator with the San Diego County chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, and the Portland-based wilderness advocacy organization Oregon Wild.

Tommy also works as a programming, media and marketing consultant for broadcast media, non-profit outlets and political campaigns, and offers media training and social media services.

While at FM 94/9 Tommy produced and hosted the Treehuggers International environmental affairs show, and continues to host the long-running Sunday morning Brunch With Bob and Friends show, which now airs on KOPA Rez Radio 91.3 at the Pala Band of Mission Indians.

A graduate of Ohio University in Athens and a Pittsburgh native, Tommy remains a Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates and Penguins fan, and smiles whenever he see Yuengling on tap.