“I have taken more out of alcohol
than alcohol has taken out of me.”

Beer Term: Caramel Malt


We close out the last day of May with the fifth beer term of the month. But don’t worry, we’re not going to run out of beer terms anytime soon. Our pint runneth over.

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Hoptimum and Fluoride


Growler regulars Scott Slonaker and Frederick von Tank of The Others once again pay a visit to the High Octane Growler World Domination Headquarters, for an episode fraught with hoppy beer, non-profanity, and fluoride.

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Exponential Hoppiness


There’s a long pour of creeping inebriation in this week’s edition of High Octane Growler, the result of special guest Garett Michaels and his bottomless cooler of Southern California craft brews.

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Beer Term: Bomber


We’ve been asked on more than one occasion what exactly a bomber is in relation to beer. The answer is simple, but since we were English majors we’re going to make it complicated.

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Base Camp S’More Stout


With Portland, Oregon recently voted the number one U.S. craft beer city, we’re re-visiting a show we recorded over the winter with the guys from one of Portland’s newest craft breweries, Base Camp Brewing Co., located dangerously close to High Octane Growler’s home office.

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Beer Terms: Ale


When it comes to the alcoholic strength of ales, or alcohol generally, we simply prefer the non-scientific term of “high octane,” or rather, “this smells like rubbing alcohol.”

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She Wore Red Velvet


Once again joining Tommy for this week’s High Octane Growler are The Others of Portland: Scott Slonaker and the very Prussian Frederick von Tank. While sampling some high octane beers, we also take a Bridal World detour to talk weddings and cake.

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